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E. O. Wilson’s radical (and Great) revision of Evolution

‎”Individual selection is responsible for much of what we call sin, while group selection is responsible for the greater part of virtue.” Wilson is easily the greatest thinker of our age, an invaluable successor to Darwin.


Consilience – A sister for humanism, and the future of our species

“Biologist Edward O. Wilson, considered to be one of the world’s greatest living scientists, argues for the fundamental unity of all knowledge and the need to search for consilience–the proof that everything in our world is organized in terms of a small number of fundamental natural laws that comprise the principles underlying every branch of learning.


Why the War Machine Keeps on Running

A large standing military, a large contractor base, and its widespread congressional patronage network cannot survive without war or the threat of war to lubricate the continuing money flow it requires.

R. Joseph Hoffmann

Humanism – What it isn’t

‎”I regard the use of the term “humanism” to mean secular humanism or atheism to be one of the greatest tragedies of twentieth century movementology, perpetrated by second-class minds and perpetuated by third-class polemicists and village atheists.” (R. Joseph Hoffmann)

Poverty vs Plenty

To Beat Back Poverty, Pay the Poor

A single social program is transforming how countries all over the world help their poor.


Humanism and Nuclear Weapons are Incompatible

The Sunflower is a prime example of humanist advocacy that we can support unequivocally, and point to as our own policy.


Can Tunisia/Egypt/Libya happen in the US?

This is what happens when large numbers of people gather in the nation’s public squares, as they did last year in Washington. Hope is given light, the aroma of freedom blesses all who are there, new beginnings are sensed and pledged.



Our Species Singularity

The Singularity is here, and it’s not about artificial intelligence. It’s about our species’ character in the face of impending extinction.


Humanism – a history of the hijacked Credo of our species

( By Robert Grudin) “Humanitas meant the development of human virtue, in all its forms, to its fullest extent. The term thus implied not only such qualities as are associated with the modern word humanity—understanding, benevolence, compassion, mercy—but also such more aggressive characteristics as fortitude, judgment, prudence, eloquence, and even love of honour.


A Post-Secular Humanist Manifesto

This is a definitive article by a profound scholar, R. Joseph Hoffmann, written when the “brights” really thought they were. Humanists, that is.


Chomsky: The U.S. behaves nothing like a democracy

It’s one thing to know we live in a military plutocracy. When we tolerate it, year in, year out, we invite desperate times.


Did the Fascists Actually Win WWII?

The absence of a responsible press in the West is unforgivable, and now the Internet is gone too . Sorry, but this is what fascism looks like.



UN passes historic arms trade treaty to U.S. media silence

No major broadcast network has made even passing mention of a treaty that curtails trafficking to war-torn nations.

UN Logo

The Accomplishments of the United Nations

“The UN was not created to take humanity to heaven but to save it from hell.”- Former United Nations Sec’y-General Dag Hammarskjold.


U.S. will fight push to move Internet control over to the UN

The struggle for the governance of our species is becoming more explicit.


“Big Five” Crushes “Small Five” Over Veto Powers

The Security Council’s hijacking of our species’ governance, to protect their own interests and war criminals.

UN General Assembly

The World must push for a UN parliament

A strengthened United Nations where all voices, including those of citizens directly, is imperative and overdue.

The Future News

Humanism – the Forgotten and Future Bond of Humanity

Humanism is a celebration of the incandescent miracle – Life. Can humanists embrace their legacy, born of Confucianism and Buddhism, brought through the Renaissance as Humanism?

UN bullion oro coins

UN proposes bullion coins as a world currency

“Supplementing the dollar with a bullion currency would solve some of the problems related to the potential of countries running large deficits and would help stability,”

herring 300x200

“Animals With Borders” to ban wildlife exports?

This year’s session has produced a major surprise. AWB proposes that all trade in wildlife across national borders should be prohibited, endangered or not.


Humanists Acquiring Canadian Churches

“It’s been a wonderful experience.” observes Martin McGlade, who convinced his local Humanist chapter that they had much to learn from traditional religion.

oil sands copy

Greenpeace, Sierra Reverse Nuclear Policy

Two major environmental advocacy groups reverse their policies on nuclear power, to deal with the tar sands as a giant oil spill.

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