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Will Ebola Rescue the Planet?

Jul 28th, 2014 | By
100 miles 70 million people

An estimated 70 million people live in a 100 mile “shanty-city” from Lagos to Ibadan, Nigeria. If the human population is a cancer for Mother Earth, then pandemic(s) are the classical cure.

Humanism – the Forgotten and Future Bond of Humanity

Apr 3rd, 2014 | By

Humanism is a celebration of the incandescent miracle – Life. Can humanists embrace their legacy, born of Confucianism and Buddhism, brought through the Renaissance as Humanism?

UN proposes bullion coins as a world currency

Nov 11th, 2013 | By
UN bullion oro coins

“Supplementing the dollar with a bullion currency would solve some of the problems related to the potential of countries running large deficits and would help stability,”

“Animals With Borders” to ban wildlife exports?

Jan 17th, 2013 | By

This year’s session has produced a major surprise. AWB proposes that all trade in wildlife across national borders should be prohibited, endangered or not.

Humanists Acquiring Canadian Churches

Jul 12th, 2012 | By

“It’s been a wonderful experience.” observes Martin McGlade, who convinced his local Humanist chapter that they had much to learn from traditional religion.

Greenpeace, Sierra Reverse Nuclear Policy

Jan 12th, 2012 | By

Two major environmental advocacy groups reverse their policies on nuclear power, to deal with the tar sands as a giant oil spill.

Drug Counselors Replace Police, Fund Hospitals

Sep 23rd, 2011 | By

Within an outpatient counseling process, a Canada-wide program allows drug counselors to dispense addictive drugs, legal or not, at prices below street levels.

Woman Trucker Rescues Small Independents

Jul 17th, 2009 | By

An enterprising woman solves the ‘dead leg’ problem for truckers, and creates the world’s largest truck stop.

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