Can Tunisia/Egypt/Libya happen in the US?

Feb 5th, 2012 | By | Category: Humanism News

It is fashionable to concatenate the revolution in Tunisia with the ones underway in  Egypt and Libya and to ask whether other countries  like Jordan, Yemen, Saudi Arabi, Syria et alia are next.

This is what happens when large numbers of people gather in the nation’s public squares, as they did last year in Washington. Hope is given light, the aroma of freedom blesses all who are there, new beginnings are sensed and pledged.

Let’s compare Egypt with the US and see if there are similarities:

Egypt America
Largest regional country Yes
Military dictatorship 30+ years Yes
Oligarchy of the rich Yes
Fundamentalist threat Yes
Bribery “Contributions”
Corruption “Lobbyists”
Compliant media Yes
No Racist divisions
No Weapons culture
No Bankrupt
No Drug war
No Rampant crime

Sad to say,  it is readily apparent that the problems of the USA run much deeper than Egypt’s, and that the Americans are now lost as a people, never mind as a nation.

We shall not see the spirit that once guided America again in our lifetime.

2 Comments to “Can Tunisia/Egypt/Libya happen in the US?”

  1. admin says:

    There may be differences, but the similarities (military dictatorship, fundamentalism) – do they bother you?…

  2. Seth Strong says:

    Double nonsense. With reasoning skills like that, you should roll dice instead of thinking. I’m American but I’m no blind fan of nationality. However, the differences between the United States and Egypt are a much larger list than that. For starters, the U.S. has a population density of 31.6 people per kilometer while Egypt has a much higher density of 81.6. That higher density is going to be conductors of flash mobs that can only happen in certain cities in the U.S.

    We have more room and more religions and we have our problems but not the ones you listed. The comparison is false and so the differences and similarities between Egypt and the U.S. simply cannot be determined by your post.

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