Humanism – the Forgotten and Future Bond of Humanity

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This site is compiled, edited and sometimes actually written by Dwight Gilbert Jones.

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As a humanist writer, Jones cannot bear to see its intellectual legacy equated with ‘atheism’.  He defines Humanism as an inclusive sensibility for our species, planet and lives, with a creative appreciation for our own kind that is innate in all of us.

Our species’ internal governance, with its responsibilities and opportunities, is the area where Humanism must become trusted, while religions remain a private matter, the humanist predilection for rational thought notwithstanding.

The topics on this website range from an impatient distaste for militarism through to speculation on trans-humanism and (personal access to) our destiny within the Universe.

Humanism is unashamedly utopian from his perspective, and his new novel “The Humanist-1000 Summers“ portraying the ascendancy of humanism and the UN is now available on Amazon.

Jones studied Physics, Engineering, Philosophy and Biosciences at McGill, Laval, Simon Fraser  and Berkeley, and writes speculative fiction based on ideas rather than pyrotechnics. He lives in Vancouver and is married with three children.

But let’s not get too serious – The Future News (TFN) offers up  ”news releases” as we might like to see them someday,  when ideas are allowed to come to the fore, ahead of commercial and nationalist interests.

And sometimes when we just need a good chuckle. Your comments and ideas are much appreciated.
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