Five Things the US Press Won’t Discuss

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1) Military Spending

No matter how bad the recession gets, how close we are to an actual depression, the Pentagon’s budget will never be discussed as a prime opportunity to conserve resources in this time of need. In fact, the New York Times published a feature article last week arguing that “defense” spending was the way to rejuvenate the economy.

2) Nuclear Weapons

With all the hand-wringing that Iran may be on the verge of having nuclear weapons, or that Pakistan’s may fall into the wrong hands, there is never a suggestion that the time may be at hand whereby nuclear weapons must be universally banned and their manufacture made illegal. The Pentagon’s stated policy that any competing nation may be pre-emptively attacked is the greatest insult inflicted on our species since the decrees of the Romans.

3) A World Government

The idea of a world government centered on the United Nations is anathema in the US, where it is most always pictured as an Orwellian plot to institute Big Brother himself. Yet the UN is expected to resolve every little war or famine when its budget is smaller than the NYC fire department’s.

4) Metrification

How much longer can the US be the only remaining country on the planet to take miles, pounds and gallons seriously? What does this act of governmental cowardice do to hamstring manufacturing, decade after decade?

5) The 10:1 Wage Disparity and Devaluation

The US will lose just about every factory that remains to offshore labor if it cannot devalue its currency quickly and thoroughly enough to universally lower US wages within hailing distance of those in China. Only when the millions of unemployed have no income at all, and swell to become tens of millions, will this grave matter be addressed for what it is. In the meantime there is a devaluation race between the US dollar, the Yen, Sterling and the Euro that is undeclared but in full cry. Obama must print a trillion dollars before they become a trillion quarters, but like all of the above, you won’t see that in the press either.

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